Self-initiated project, created in Cinema 4D. 
Organically moving form, gradually reveals itself to the eye. 

I intended to do some creative typography animation for a while now. 
Initial inspiration for the project came to me from an animation "There is Always a Way" by Dennis Hoogstad which isn't typographic but the colour palette struck me (the image on the left hand side below).
I was also looking at that time at a lot of stuff by Zeitgeist, especially "ADC Miami Paratectonic" (the image on the right hand side below).

Here are some other images I was looking at:

Why letter "Z"? 
I was awed by the bizarre work of Zeitgeist at the time and choosing that letter was a kind of a tribute to them. 
Here are some sketches I made in my sketchbook.

First initial designs in Illustrator

The model built in Cinema 4D with few colour variations

Once I had the animation ready, I took it to garageBand and created a soundtrack. 
I tried to create a mood that would suit the character of the Zetter. 
The colour palette made me think of 60's so I went for some old school sounding instruments.
​​​​​​​Are you Zettered yet?​​​​​​​
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